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As seen on Dr. Oz TV show on Feb 11, 2014! Bowel Mover is a healthy digestion app. Link to the App Store here. To make the best use of this app, please read through the instructions below. To support the Track & Share Movement and for advanced tracking needs, please consider buying Track & Share. You can try out Track & Share Lite for free. Take the Bowel Mover survey. We give a free copy of BM Pro each week.

How to use Bowel Mover

Track your digestion and health habits, look for patterns of what gets your bowels moving! Take control of your digestive health by tracking and better understanding what works.

Several items are already set up. You can relabel those within limitations to make them fit your needs. Try the BOWEL MOVER LITE for FREE to find out if this works for you:

♢ Bowel Movements ♢ Water Intake ♢ Stress ♢ Gluten Free Day ♢ BM Note ♢ BM Texture

Navigation Instructions (Items are from Track & Share app, not from Bowel Mover app)

Link to iPad screenshot: iPad Track screen

Make an entry

Several ways to make an entry. Use the way that works best for you: Tap the item on the Track screen. Choose the value. Save. Or use the calendar, double tap a date or tap the blue button “Make new entry”. Special feature: instant entry for Yes/No items: on iPhone tap the item to cycle through Yes, No, Check box, on iPad double tap todo the same (NEW). On calendar double tap the date to cycle Yes/No items.

To move between screens, swipe across the title bar (NEW), or tap the Screens button to jump ahead.

Edit an item

Tap the “Edit” button on a Track screen. Bowel Mover Lite and Bowel Mover Pro have a fix set of items. You can not add new items, but you can edit existing items within the limitations of each item type. If you need more flexibility and want to add many items, please look for the Track & Share app.

These items types are used in Bowel Mover Lite and Pro:

  • Items that let you track if something happened or was done (Yes / No) -> Gluten Free Day
  • Visual Scales -> Severity used for Stress -> Levels used of BM Texture
  • Number items ->  (used for tracking number of bowel movements and for water intake

Here is what you can change when in Edit mode:

Change the name for your item, if you want to use different names or want to translate your app into a different language. If you want to help us translate Bowel Mover into a different language so that other users can benefit from it, then contact us via email.


Change the color for the item’s graphs.

Add to badge counter to be reminded to enter data for the item. A red circle will appear on the Bowel Mover app icon showing how many items still need an entry for the day.

Show on Screens.

This option is not available in Bowel Mover Lite and Pro. If you are interested how this works for the Track & Share appSelect on which Track screens to display the item. In the Track & Share app, the same item can be displayed on several screens. For example, the Stress item is shown on the Food, Mood, and Sleep screens. You only need to enter data once for an item and the information is updated on all relevant screens.


Editing an item - special settings

Enter a Unit Label (for Numeric items). Example: cups, $, lbs, kg, hours

Select Entry Icon (for Numeric items and for the Note item). You can select an icon from built-in icons, chose and scale an image from your image folder, or take and use a photo.

Edit icons and labels (for Visual Scales). Tap on an icon or a label and edit it. Full customization - make Bowel Mover your app. 

Total and Goals (for Numeric items and Visual Scales). For data entries that should be added up to reach a goal, select where your goal applies: for a day, a week, or a month.  E.g., 8 servings of water per day. The goal is adjusted automatically for different views (daily, weekly, monthly).

To change a goal, tap the Edit button on the Track view. Tap the item you want to edit. Tap “Totals and Goals”, in the row labeled “Goal:” tap the number you see there, replace it with your goal. Tap Done, Tap Save.

Active on days (for Yes / No items). Check on which days data should be entered. In the Gluten Free Day example already set up you would want to make each weekday an active day. A checkbox will appear on the Track screen on active days as a reminder. Data can be entered every day. However, only Yes or No entered for active days are considered for the weekly and monthly % of Goal Completed graphs.

Remove an item from a screen

In Bowel Mover Lite and Pro you cannot delete items, but you can rename and re-oder the items set up. If you don’t like to use an item, rename it, use it for something else, or move it to the bottom of the list. To move items, tap the Edit button on the Track screen. There are three lines to the right of each item. Drag these handles to move an item up or down. Tap save.


Navigation instructions (items are from Track & Share app, not from Bowel Mover app)

Select a time frame

Select the time view. Tap on h, d, w, m for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly views. Portrait mode shows 6 hours, 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months. Landscape mode shows 12 of each. The most recent hour, day, week, or month is on the right end of each graph.

Navigate through Graph screens

Navigate through Graph screens by swiping left or right across the title bar. Graph screens are arranged in the same order as the Track screens.

Item description

Each item on the Graph screen states the item name, the range of values shown in the graph starting with the lowest value followed by the highest value. If a goal is set for the item, then the goal is stated as well. The item goal is also shown as a dashed red line.

Select graph type (tap mid area of chart)

By tapping on the middle section of the graph of an item cycle through different graph types: bar chart (with and without grey trend-line), Line chart (with and without grey trend-line), Icons (only for items using icon scales)

Select statistics (tap right section of chart)

Tap on the right section of the graph to cycle through different statistical analyses of the item: Average, Minimum, Maximum, Total, Last. Example: in the weekly view, the Maximum analysis will show the maximum value entered for each week. The Average view will show the average value for each week. For item were Totals make sense, the Total view will add up all entries for the time range. The goal is adjusted automatically depending on the time frame chosen. For example, if the daily goal for glasses of water is set to 8, then the weekly goal is displayed as 56 glasses. 

Bring up a large graph for the item (tap left section of chart)

Tap the left section of an item’s chart to get to a large graph for that item. Large graphs can be compressed by pinching to bring more data into view. The monthly view can display up to three years at a glance. Swipe left-right to scroll graph back in time. The date range at the top of the display shows which dates are in view. The value range shows the minimum and maximum values that are displayed. Use the slider to pick out dates and have the app read out the value.


Share items or entire screens

Bowel Mover uses your default email account to send export files. 

Screen passcode

Set a 4 digit code to protect your entries in Bowel Mover.

Push notification

Check this to turn the badge counter on. A number in red circle will appear on the Bowel Mover app icon to remind you to enter data each day. This applies for all the items that you want to be reminded of. The badge counter will count backwards to zero until you have made all entries for the day. To be reminded of an item, adjust the set up of the item. 

Clearing hour

Some folks make entries after midnight before they go to sleep. To see after midnight which items still need to be entered or are already entered, set the clearing to a time like 1:00 or 2:00. Default setting is 0:00 (midnight).

» Also check FAQ on the More view for recent update info

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