Gratitude & Happiness

Gratitude & Happiness (G & H) is a slice of our popular app Track & Share. Use G & H to track four happiness items, graph and share those. Items can be renamed and customized. Read through the Track & Share guide to familiarize yourself with the app. Not all options are available for G & H. We pointed that out in the manual.

Make an entry on the Track list

When you start the app you get to the Track screen. Tap an item in the list to make an entry. Choose the value. Save. Done! You can also enter a note or change the date and time for your entry before saving. If you want to make several entries per day, tap the item again. For Note items you can store an photo or icon for each entry. Just tap the default Note item when you are making an entry. You can view all your entries and images from the Calendar view.

Make an entry on the Calendar

To get here, tap the calendar icon on the upper right of the Track screen. When on the calendar, double tap a date field to make an entry. Or tap the date field once and use the “Make an Entry” button. Move between different items by swiping down across the item name in the right. Move betweem categories by swiping across the title bar. Move between months by tapping the buttons left and right of the calendar month. All entries are shown below the calendar. Tap a entry to edit it. For note items, when you tap the entry you can add to your note or view a large versions of the image saved with note entry. Swipe across an entry to delete it.

Navigate through categories (G & H has only one category)

Swipe acroess the title bar (on top) to move to the next category, or tap the “Categories” button (bottom left) to jump between categories.

Set up a new item ( G & H lets you edit, but not add items)

Tap the “Edit” button on a Track screen. Tap the “Add a new item” button. Select the type of item. You can choose between Yes / No items, Visual Scales (Pain Faces, Weather, Severity), or Number items (time, weight, $, cups, decimals, counting things), or the Note item.

Enter a name for your item.

Graph Color. Select a color for the item’s graphs.

Add to badge counter to be reminded to enter data for the item. A red circle will appear on the Track & Share app icon showing how many items still need an entry for the day.

Show in categories (not applicable for G & H)

Select in which categories to display the item. The same item can be displayed on several categories. For example, the Stress item is shown in the Food, Mood, and Sleep categories. You only need to enter data once for an item and the information is updated in all relevant categories.

Set up a new item - special settings (not all is applicable for G & H)

Enter a Unit Label (for Numeric items). Example: cups, $, lbs, kg, hours

Select Entry Icon (for Numeric items and for the Note item). You can select an icon from built-in icons, chose and scale an image from your image folder, or take and use a photo. For the Note item, this is the default image.

Edit icons and labels (for Visual Scales and for Yes / No items). Tap on an icon or a label and edit it. Pick from our large icon library, take a photo, or use an image.

Total and Goals (for Numeric items and for Visual Scales). For data entries that should be added up to reach a goal, select if your goal applies for a day, a week, or a month. E.g., 2 servings of fruit per day. The goal is adjusted automatically for different views (daily, weekly, monthly). Otherwise, e.g., for setting a weight goal, choose not to add up entries.

You might want to start a graph at a higher value than zero to be able to spot changes more easily. E.g., if your weight is 190 lbs and your goal weight is 175 lbs, then starting the graph at 170 lbs will give you good visibility of weight changes and trends.

Active on days (for Yes / No items). Check on which days data should be entered. For example, practice Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Data can be entered every day, but the empty checkbox is displayed only on active days to remind you.

On weekly and monthly calendar views the app shows completion rates that count against active days. Let’s say you activated the four days Mo, We, Fr, Su and completed the task on three days. The graph will show a 75% completion rate for that week.

Remove an item from view (not applicable for G & H)

Tap “Edit” on the Track screen. Tap the item. De-select the categories you want to remove the item from view. If you uncheck all categories the item and its entered data will still be there. Go to More and then Set up of all items to find your item again. Check some categories for that item to make it visible again.

Delete an item for good (not applicable for G & H)

Tap Edit. Tap the item. Tap red Delete button at bottom of screen. The item and all its data entered will be deleted. Before deleting items that you never used consider renaming the item to make it fit your needs. That can save you a little time with set up.


Select time frame

On the title bar, select the time view. Tap on d, w, m for daily, weekly, monthly views. Portrait mode shows 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months. Landscape mode shows 12 of each. The most recent day, week, or month is on the right end of each graph. Swipe across the graphs to move back in time.

Item description

Each item on the Graph screen states the item name, the range of values shown from lowest value to he highest value. If a goal is set for the item, then the goal is stated as well. The item goal is also shown as a dashed red line.

Select the graph type (tap middle section of chart)

By tapping on the middle section of the graph of an item cycle through different graph types: bar chart (with and without trend-line), Line chart (with and without grey trend-line), Icons (only for items using icon scales).

Select statistics (tap right section of chart)

Tap on the white buttons on the right section of each graph to cycle through different statistical analyses of the item: Average, Minimum, Maximum, Total, Last. Example: in the weekly view for the pain item, the Maximum analysis will show the maximum pain value entered for each week. The Average view will show the average value for each week.

For item were totals make sense, the Total view will add up all entries for the time range. The goal is adjusted automatically depending on the time frame chosen. For example, if the daily goal for glasses of water is set to 8, then the weekly goal is displayed as 56 glasses. To turn on adding up entries to get totals, go the the item’s set up and check “add up entries”.

Display large Graphs

Tap on the left side of a graph to get a large graph view. Here you can use the red slider to read out dates and values. Pinch the large graph in zoom out. Tap the list icon above the graph to get a complete list of all historic entries for the item. Swipe left / right to scroll back in time.


This view offers several options to share data with others via email or Twitter.

Daily graph, weekly graph, monthly graph

This sharing option creates tables that summarize data by day, week, or month. The type of summary is the same as chosen in the graphs. For example, if the Total statistic is chosen in the graph for glasses of water, then the table will show the total number of glasses for each day, each week, or each month. The csv version of these tables lends itself for charting in spreadsheet programs. Open the csv file in a spreadsheet program. Highlight the cells with data and click on “insert graph” in the spreadsheet program. The HTML version works well for reviewing results in the email itself.

List of each entry and note

This format shows a list of each entry made and states the notes made with each entry. This format lends itself to be used as a shared diary.


The backup format is essential for safe guarding your data. Make regular backups. This options also works very well to share your entire data set to be explored with all the apps features, such as graphing and calendar. Your coach can load your backup onto their app for detailed review. To restore a backup to a device, open the backup email on your device. Tap the attachment. The backup data will restore itself onto the pro version of the app. Backups always replace all items and data on the app.

Want to create templates to share with others? (Not applicable for G & H)

Let’s say you are in a self-help support group and want all of you use the same templates. For that, just start with a fresh version of the app on one of the devices. Set up the items your group wants to use and share the backup before entering data. Have each of your group members restore your backup. Now you all start off the same template. Create templates once, share via backup with many.

Twitter Toggle

Use the Twitter toggle button to share individual entries and images. Twitter allows set up of closed groups. You can use this option to share your tracked data of individual items with your support group in real time.

Categories (not applicable for G & H)

Jump to different categories from here. This is helpful if you have many categories set up. Just tap a category to jump to it.

Tap the "Edit" button to add categories. You can also delete categories from here. Just remember, items that are shown only in the category you are deleting will be also get deleted.


Screen passcode

Set a 4 digit code to protect your entries.


Find here the version of Track & Share you are using. Features a link to Track & Share website with more info. Email link to contact Track & Share support. On the website you will also find an illustrated version of this guide ready for download.

Use Badge Counter

Check this to turn the badge counter on. What’s a badge counter? It’s that red circle on the app icons that shows a number. The number tells you how many items still need an entry for the day. When you open the app, the items that need an entry show a grey icon with the letters “track”. This icon gets replace with your entry.The badge counter will count backwards to zero until you have made all entries for the day.

The switch on the More view turns the badge counter on / off for the entire app. Adjust the set up of individual items to add them to the badge counter.

Clearing hour

Some folks make entries after midnight before they go to sleep. To see after midnight which items still need to be entered or are already entered, set the clearing to a time like 1:00 or 2:00. All times shown in this view are AM (before noon). Default setting is 0:00 (midnight).

Here is an example, if you set the clearing hour to 3:00 then all entries made before 3am will show up and count for the previous day. The app will always store the actual date and time with each entry. No problem to change the clearing hour later.

All items (Not applicable for G & H)

This is a list of all items in alphabetic order. Make edits to your items here. This is also the place to get to items that are not displayed on any Track screens. The All Items list is only for editing or deleting items. Use a Track screen for making new data entries.

Color Settings

Choose between different color schemes for the app. Pick a light or dark background for the graphs. The default graph background is dark.

Upgrade to Pro (this is shown only in lite versions)

From here send yourself a backup of the lite version. This allows you to move your data over the the pro version. The button “download Pro” takes you to the place in the App Store to get the pro version. Once you have the pro version on your device, tap the attachment of the lite backup you sent yourself. This will move the lite data to the pro version.

In-app Purchases (only some apps have that)

You can add features to your app from here. If you already bought features on other devices for the same app, use the “Restore Purchases” button. That will restore the features you already bought on the device.

» Also check FAQ on the More view for recent update info

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